Wednesday, October 12, 2005


What should I see?

Tell me what to see. I have limited opportunities to go to the movies for the next couple weeks. What should I make a point of not missing? Some candidates--

Broken Flowers
Corpse Bride
Good Night, and Good Luck
Wallace and Gromit
Games of Love and Chance
Lord of War
Oliver Twist
Innocent Voices

Also, two classics which I've never seen will be available for a theatrical screening in Seattle shortly: His Girl Friday (Hawks) and Pickpocket (Bresson).

I liked "Lord of War" and "Thumbsucker". "Broken Flowers" was a little more problematic.

I saw "Pickpocket" last weekend and thought it was alright. But "His Girl Friday" is an all-time classic. Definitely go see that...
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