Thursday, December 08, 2005


The Passenger

Varsity, a couple of weeks ago


Given that my only previous experience with Antonioni is L'Avventura (which I would give a 10) and his segment in Eros (which is just monstrous, probably a low 2), I guess this is "middling Antonioni". I knew I was watching the work of a master, two actually (Nicholson) but I felt a bit alienated from the whole experience. The midsection seemed a bit flabby--maybe it's the new footage in the current release? Maria Schneider's character seemed dated (she's great, but the way her character's written...). Like Pickpocket, it was worth it for me most in the moments when it becomes clear I'm watching someone who really, really knows what to do with a camera--about a half dozen of these moments throughout the film. My favorite was the long, unbroken shot at the end that begins by peeking out Nicholson's window and proceeds from there.

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