Friday, October 14, 2005


Time of the Wolf

Michael Haneke, 2003 (Issabelle Huppert)
October 14, 2005
Comcast on demand

Score: 5

Great opening scene. As the film developed a plot, I got a bit confused and a bit bored. Some really beautiful shots, I suspect I'd have liked the film a bit more in a theatre. Occasionally a shot or a moment would grab me, but the social dynamic of post-apolocalypic life at the train station generally failed to engage me. And while Huppert's two children were well written roles, Huppert's character seemed underwritten and underdeveloped. Reading Manohla Dargis on this film, and the degree to which I was impressed with the previous Haneke/Huppert film, The Piano Teacher, makes me feel like a bit of Philistine, especially since I was sleepy enough to start to lose focus in the second half. In theory, I like that Haneke didn't feel the need to offer much of an explanation for the grand catastrophe that's led to this situation, but in practice, as the film wore on and more and more characters became involved, I became a bit frustrated at the complete lack of explication.

Another reason to see films in the theatre. I'd have enjoyed it more, I expect, and be in a better position to evaluate it as a whole. There's much to admire, and I may need a second viewing to come to terms with how I feel about it, but at this point I just can't recommend it.

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